Transformative ERP Suite for the Future's Enterprises. Designed for every scale, brought to you by a company that prioritizes your privacy."

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All-in-one Business suite

Webina Kit

The operating system for business

The Business Operating System of Choice Streamline and unify your operations with Webina Kit, the all-in-one cloud business solution. Designed to eliminate silos between departments, our platform fosters collaboration and promotes peak organizational efficiency. Optimize your business processes and drive success with the power of integrated technology.

"You can be a startup, mid-sized company, or an enterprise—Webina Kit is a boon for all."


Nitai Gagdani

CEO, 7segment.com (an IFL subsidiary)

"You can be a startup, mid-sized company, or an enterprise—Webina Kit is a boon for all."


Nitai Gagdani

CEO, 7segment.com (an IFL subsidiary)

"Webina Kit has brought our company closer together."


Subham Agarwal

Founder, Mahesh Honda

"I highly recommend Webina Kit for all your business management, sales, marketing, and invoicing requirements."


Kausal Mondal

Shivam Traders 

Webina Labs Your Comprehensive Digital Business Hub. At Webina Labs, we seamlessly integrate the expertise of web designers, developers, digital marketers, creative agencies, consultants, freelancers, and other SMEs. We're dedicated to providing a unified platform that empowers merchants to initiate, grow, and optimize their online businesses with unparalleled efficiency. Dive into a world where all your digital needs converge, ensuring your business thrives online.

Our teams are dedicated, full of energy, and highly professional.

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Build your business with us

Webina Kit contains all the tools you need to build a online business, accept orders, track inventory, process payments, manage shipping, market your brand, analyze your data and a lot of business use cases.

Setup Online store

Easily build an online store with the world's highest-converting, one-click checkout.

Sales channels

Expand your reach by listing your Webina Kit catalog across top social media platforms and online marketplaces.

Point of sale

Webina Kit's POS comes with staff management, inventory tracking, and more.

Showcase your work to attract new clients

Webina Kit partners can also use the development store as a portfolio to showcase their work and pitch new clients.

Powerful all-in-one business manager

Easily navigate dashboards, products, sales, marketing, and inventory management from a single platform with our business solutions. Simplify your workflow, implement faster, and customize easier with the Webina Kit.

Lightning Fast support

Connect with 24/7 Webina Kitcustomer support over online chat or email.

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Made in India.Made for the World.


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Webina Kit Tailored for Enterprises & MSMEs

Alike Delve deep into the robust ecosystem of Webina Kit, offering not just services but a complete infrastructure built on professionalism, unwavering support, and top-notch security. Simplify intricate business workflows, forge lasting bonds with your clientele, and supercharge your growth trajectory. Ready to transform your business? Reach out now and let's embark on this journey together.

Your Privacy is Our Pledge

Trust forms the bedrock of our relationship. We prioritize your privacy above all, ensuring that your data remains strictly yours. We neither trade nor profit from your information and steadfastly abstain from advertising-driven revenue models. Our sole income arises from the software license fees, reflecting our commitment to a secure and trust-based partnership.

The fundamental beliefs and standards that guide our actions

Long-term commitment

Over 10 years in the tech industry has equipped us with unparalleled insights into the challenges and dynamics of this ever-evolving domain. Our commitment to continuous optimization is fuelled by cutting-edge innovation and feedback from our most valued asset: you, our esteemed client.

Focus on R & D

Software is our expertise, and we underscore its importance with continuous dedication to R&D. Such is our commitment that we choose to control the full technology spectrum, overseeing our global data center’s.

Customer-first philosophy

Throughout our journey, the trust and goodwill of our clientele have fortified our market presence. Regardless of your business's scale, we are committed to facilitating its expansion. As you prosper, so do we.

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